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These "Sources" Just Won't Stop

Here's an inclination of what the Braves might do in a post-Escobar world:

If the Braves acquire Padres right-hander Jake Peavy, one of their next steps will be to pursue free-agent shortstop Rafael Furcal, major-league sources say.

I mentioned this last week as a possible alternative if Esco is traded, and now "sources" have backed up that initial inclination. You really have to love these sources. Apparently the sources that told us this morning that talks were nearing completion have this afternoon told Ken Rosenthal that talks remain at an impasse:

The talks between the Braves and Padres remained at an impasse Thursday, the last day before teams are permitted to negotiate with free agents from other clubs.

Furcal ain't gonna be cheap, and the earlier reports had a lot of teams in on him. I thought we were going to spend our money on pitching and power hitting, but it seems like we might end up spending more money acquiring Peavy, replacing Escobar, and still needing more pitching and power hitting. Head-scratcher.

Kevin Towers had this to say to Yahoo's Tim Brown:

“Nothing is close,” he said. “I wouldn’t say we are even remotely close to pulling the trigger on anything with Jake.”

There are too many twists in this Peavy thing.

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