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Quoth Frank Wren, "We Fold"

It's over. That's it.

After a month-long roller coaster ride we can finally get to get off and enjoy terra firma. From Ken Rosenthal this afternoon:

"We have moved on," Braves general manager Frank Wren told on Friday. "We had our last discussion with San Diego yesterday and let them know that if the final names we were discussing wouldn't get it done, we would move on to other opportunities, other possibilities."

"We're always open to improving our club, but at the end of the day, we're really focused on building our organization from within long-term," Wren said. "Anything we do has to make long-term sense for us."

Sage-like words from the new GM. Build from within, build for the long term health of this club's major league roster.

How am I doing, you ask. Well, I feel this is ultimately the right decision. I was never really excited about Jake Peavy; I just never got a good feel. And the reported price we'd have to give up, yuck. In thinking more about it, I doubt that Yunel Escobar was ever put on the table by the Braves. Why would they trade him with no way to replace him when they have a perfectly tradeable and replaceable Kelly Johnson on the other side of second base.

I'm going to the bar to have a drink.

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