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Peavy Deal Back On

Lord! After only four days of the Jake Peavy to the Atlanta Braves trade talks being off, they are apparently back on, or so says the pudits of baseball.

Back on says DOB:

...with Dempster off the market, and Sabathia never in the Braves’ price range, and Burnett eyeing a five-year, $16 mill-per-season offer from the Yankees, it looks like the Braves’ best shot at landing a No. 1-caliber starting pitcher might be [Jake Peavy]...

Back on, perhaps, says a San Diego beat writer:

Towers wouldn't rule out the possibility of circling back around to the Braves, who last week said they were moving on after a deal couldn't be reached.

"You never know ... we certainly made more progress with them," Towers said. "We were able to ID and agree upon a large part of the package."

"A large part of the package" which the Braves probably think should be the "whole package."

Even Peter Gammons think the Padres will come back around to the Braves.

With the free agent pitchers disappering off the market, the Braves lose most of the leverage they had just a week ago. Do the Padres now have the upper hand? Does this mean that the Braves will have to add the other player to the mix that seemed to hold up the trade before? The only indication that the Braves can possibly remain in control of these negotiations is that there seem to be no other teams who can come close to matching what the Braves have reportedly already put forward.

Prepare yourself for another avalanche of "sources" claiming to know what's about to happen.

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