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Jordan Schafer Injured in Winter Ball

From deep within the bowels of DOB's blog, and update on Atlanta Braves prospect Jordan Schafer:

Just learned that [Jordan] Schafer hurt a finger in winter ball, got hit by a pitch, and he’s come home. Not broken, but it’s banged up and he’s supposed to rest it three weeks and then rehab it a few weeks.

He’s done for the winter, but he did himself a favor by going to play down there, left a good impression with the bosses. Wren told me Schafer played well while he was in Mexico.

Indeed Schafer was doing "well" in Mexico, not good, but well. He hit .276/.369/.343 in 27 games. That's a decent batting average, good on-base, but a pretty sub-standard slugging percentage. He may not have been focusing on power as he hit mostly leadoff, but with that good on-base percentage and nine stolen bases in ten attempts I suppose he performed "well" in that role.

This injury may also eliminate any doubt as to who will be offered up in trade talks, Schafer or Gorkys Hernandez. Though Schafer should heal by the time spring training rolls around where he will get the first crack at the center field job.

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