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El Reporto says Rafael Furcal could sign with the Brave ones of Atlanta

From the Spanish-language website Impacto Deportivo:

El buen hijo a su casa vuelve.
Eso podría darse en cualquier momento si Rafael Furcal firma con los Bravos de Atlanta.
Según supo, Los Bravos, sin hacer bulla, podrían firmarlo en breve.
De hecho, el agente de Furcal, Paul Kinzel dijo que había un equipo sorpresa tras Furcal, y ese es Atlanta.
Sus primeros seis años en Grandes Ligas fueron en Atlanta. De por vida, Furcal batea .286, con 83 jonrones, 418 remolcadas y 259 bases robadas.
El pacto con Atlanta sería de cuatro años y 52 millones de dólares.

In case you'd like a translation, here is the (rather hilarious) translation given by Babelfish:

The good son to his house returns.
That could occur at any time if Rafael Furcal signs with the Brave ones of Atlanta.
According to, the Brave ones knew, without making racket, could sign it shortly.
In fact, the agent of Furcal, Paul Kinzel said that there was an equipment surprise after Furcal, and that is Atlanta.
His first six years in Great Leagues were in Atlanta. Of by life, Furcal bats,286, with 83 home runs, 418 towed and 259 bases robbed.
The pact with Atlanta would be of four years and 52 million dollars.

I laughed like a little girl when I read that. I find absolutely no truth in this rumor, other than the fact that Furcal probably "wants" to return to the Brave ones and his agent is making racket. As a side note, I really hope we get more reports that we have to translate.

(Hat tip: MLBTR)

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