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The Atlanta Braves are in on A.J. Burnett

From the rumor machine himself, Ken Rosenthal:

"They've shown no reservations acknowledging that they need that guy going forward, especially if (John) Smoltz and (Tom) Glavine aren't back," Burnett's agent, Darek Braunecker, said Monday.

"They see the significance long-term of having a guy who can be at the top of the rotation and have the desire and capability of leading a staff. They've communicated that to me better than any club."

At least we're impressing his agent more than any other club. Rosenthal goes on to say that the bar is set by Burnett's agent at five years, and that is a similar length that the Braves would likely have to agree to if they traded for Jake Peavy. At this point it really does seem like silly money, but five years and $80 million for Burnett would be acceptable in my book.

Rosenthal also speaks to our recent waiver claim of a bullpen lefty from Seattle:

For now, the Braves are intrigued by their addition of left-handed reliever Erik O'Flaherty, whom they claimed on waivers from the Mariners last week. O'Flaherty, 23, did not pitch after June because of a back injury, but the Braves consider him a potential sleeper.

Keep in mind that this is just Rosenthal repeating what the Braves people have told him, and of course they're going to put a positive spin on something like this. Still, this is a very Braves-esque kind of move -- not flashy, but a solid building block.

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