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Wondering Aloud

Maybe it's because we were so spoiled last year with all of the early activity, but I'm itching for some action this hot stove. By this time last year we had already traded Edgar Renteria for Gorkys Hernandez and Jair Jurrjens, traded the Vulture for Josh Anderson, and singed Tom Glavine -- almost half of the moves we made all of last off-season. But this year, we've done nothing.

Oh, there's been a lot of talk. A. Lot. Of. Talk. But no action for the Braves. Though, doesn't it kind of seem that when things are quiet, that's when the Braves make a surprise move. It's seems that way right now.

I'm headed up to the mountains of North Carolina to spend some time with the family, so in all likelihood I'll be sans internet access for most of the long weekend. I'm sure I'll be jonesin' for the internets after about 10 minutes. I have scheduled a post per day that will hopefully keep everyone entertained and keep discussion going. If any news breaks, but sure and put up a fanpost or a fanshot. If you make it a real good one, and I hit the internet over the weekend, then I'll promote it to the front page.

I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!

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