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Black Friday Suggestions

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While you're out-and-about today, or maybe in-and-plugged-in, here are three shopping suggestions for the most import person in your life, yourself.

Cole and Mason King Pepper Mill

The first item is something I came across on, and it's a must for every culinary baseball fan. It's actually baseball bat sized, and boasts, "two and a half feet of pure pepper grinding power." How can you turn this down... really.



The Baseball Prospect Book 2009

This next item is one I pimp quite often on the site, but for good reason -- it's well worth it. Yes, there are other prospect books out there, but this is the only one with comprehensive reviews of players written by one guy. That may not seem like a selling point, but when comparing prospects, it's good to see how one person feels about one player verses another, as opposed to other prospect books where multiple people write about prospects and an opinion of one guy may not take into account the other guy. As you can tell, I'm not a good salesman; just buy the book and you'll be happy.



Graphical Player 2009

No holiday shopping list is complete without a bit of self-promotion. I was lucky enough to be able to contribute the Braves' player writeups to John Burnson's Graphical Player 2009. This is a great tool for all you fantasy baseball players out there, as it gives you tons of graphs depicting each players recent historical performance as well as comparable stats for his position, and of course a writeup from an expert (like me) that followed each player's team last year.



I hope I've been able to help you stimulate our economy... happy hunting.

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