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SBN Awards: NL Rookie of the Year

As we have done for the past two years in the SB Nation, most of us cast our votes for the major awards of the off-season. The results for Manager of the Year were announced yesterday with Lou Pinella and Joe Maddon winning -- Bobby Cox didn't receive any votes, not surprising considering the Braves dismal season.

Here are the results for the NL ROY voting:

National League 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Geovany Soto 18 1 - 93
Joey Votto - 10 8 38
Jair Jurrjens 1 6 6 29
Edinson Volquez - 1 - 3
Jay Bruce - 1 - 3
Ian Stewart - - 2 4
John Bowker - - 1 1
Johnny Cueto - - 1 1
Blake DeWitt - - 1 1

Our man Jair Jurrjens finished a disappointing third. Yep, that's me with that first place vote for JJ. I listed Soto and Votto second and third respectively.

I imagine this will be close to what the real voting will look like. Jurrjens might land ahead of Votto in second, but he could vary well end up third as well. My vote for him is part hometown team, part I saw what he did every fifth day, and saw how he became our stopper in the rotation. Unfortunately for him he faded greatly towards the end of the season, and that will hurt his standing in the ROY voting.

Evan Longoria won the SBN ROY in the AL.

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