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Digesting the DOB Blog

It's a long and winding read through Dave O'Brien's blog on, so I've tried to extrapolate the juicy tidbits here (I've highlighted the players in bold):

Oh, and on the Peavy front … I got the impression, from talking to a few agents and others before I left the meetings hotel tonight, that the [Jake] Peavy thing could be done sooner than later. A lot of people think it’ll be the first big domino to fall.

Wren acknowledged ongoing Peavy discussions tonight, first time he’s done so publicly. He also said they’re not at a standstill.

“We’re having good dialogue,” he said. “Just have to wait and see what happens.”

By the way, Wren said a LOT of teams have inquired about both [Yunel] Escobar and [Kelly Johnson].

Braves have expressed interest in [Ryan] Ludwick, I just don’t know if they’ve gotten to point of giving St. Louis names of guys they might trade for him.

You in the KJ camp apparently needn’t worry about him going to St. Louis for Ludwick. The Kelly [Johnson] part of that equation was shot down by someone on the St. Louis side.

However, the Braves are interested in Ludwick. [Rick] Ankiel, I’m not as sure about, but I think they’ve discuss him with the Cards, too.

Frank Wren just confirmed the multi-year offer was made to [Junichi] Tazawa. Braves expect him to make a decision in a couple of weeks.

Wren saw him pitch three times in September when he was over in Japan scouting, and Braves scouts saw him pitch again two weeks ago in Brazil.

The industrial league is above the level of most colleges in the U.S., Wren said, so it’s not like they’re totally guessing on this guy. But he’s young and would obviously need at least some time in the minors.

Just heard from someone (not a Braves official) that the offer to [Junichi] Tazawa was worth more than the $6 mill bonus that No. 1 overall draft pick Pedro Alvarez got from Pittsburgh this year. I’ll try to verify that, but that’s what I heard from someone who’s very familiar with Japanese baseball.

I'm sure there'll be more that filters out today... I'll keep posting it here.

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