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Peavy and Ludwick and Greene... Oh My!

Fun updates from the dobblog:

Also, the Ryan Ludwick stuff is ongoing. Braves are talking to Cardinals about him, but I think it hinges on the Peavy thing because Braves aren’t going to trade Kelly Johnson if they trade Escobar to San Diego. There might also be some chance the Padres would consider taking KJ, but I’m not sure (I don’t know if they are). In that case, Braves wouldn’t trade Escobar to Cardinals, who’d sure love to have him.


Just found out that the Cardinals would take either Escobar or KJ in the deal for Ludwick. Don’t know if they’d have to include anything else.

That deal will be held up by the Peavy matter, probably, because Braves don’t want to trade both their middle infielders in the same offseason.

Some relief for most people...

By the way, whether or not Escobar is traded, Khalil Greene isn’t going to be replacing him. Of that I can now say with a great deal of certainty. Braves just aren’t big on him.

And the newest free agent starter is a no-go...

Braves aren’t going to make a run at Penny, by the way. Too many question marks.

I'm sure ther'll be more to come.

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