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D'Backs Interested in Kelly Johnson; Padres want Yunel Escobar

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From the Arizona Republic:

As for the second base choices, it seems to me like Atlanta’s Kelly Johnson would be the best option but will also cost a lot in trade and, eventually, salary, in the next few years.

The Diamondbacks don’t match up well with the Braves, so they would have to find a third team to get involved. But even then, it would be a complicated exchange because the Diamondbacks don’t have a ton of major league-ready pieces they can flip for an outfielder, which is what Atlanta needs. Miguel Montero’s a good player, but does he fetch you starting outfielder? Probably not.

And anyway, if Yunel Escobar gets moved – the rumor we heard this morning was Jake Peavy for Escobar, Gorkys Hernandez and a young pitcher not named Tommy Hanson – then that means Johnson’s off the market.

This is really just an Arizona beat writer speculating in his blog, but this isn't the first time I've heard that the Diamondbacks might have interest in Kelly Johnson. I think we'll hear a lot of these rumors (provided someone else in the middle infield doesn't get traded first) since most teams know that Johnson is the Braves most likely trade piece.

I also like the package he puts forward as the price for Peavy a lot better than the ones I have been hearing. Gorkys is further away from the majors than Jordan Schafer, and I think Schafer is going to become a key player for us next season. The "other pitcher not named Tommy Hanson" has been rumored to be Jeff Locke. While it would be a loss to lose Locke, it would not be catasrphoic, and again, he's further away from the majors and not likely to impact any team for another two years.

Over at Fox, Ken Rosenthal has a different idea about who might be included by the Braves in a Jake Peavy deal:

The Braves' package includes shortstop Yunel Escobar, either left-hander Jo-Jo Reyes or right-hander Charlie Morton and a third player, believed to be a top prospect, sources said.

I'm pretty okay with letting either Jo-Jo or Charlie go, though I'd probably prefer to keep Charlie; and Jo-Jo seems like a better fit in SoCal. It still looks like Escobar is the centerpiece of this trade on the Braves side. Who the hell's going to play shortstop? Do they really think Omar Infante can be an effective everyday guy?

In other news, the Phillies might have some interest in Japanese pitcher Junichi Tazawa, but nothing formal has been offered, and the Braves remain the only team yet to have made him an offer.

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