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The Braves Minor League Free Agents

Via Baseball America, here are the minor league free agents for the Braves this off-season:

Atlanta Braves (16)
Paul Bush (AA), Brian Lawrence (AAA), Gonzalo Lopez (Hi A), Ferdin Tejeda (Hi A)
LHP: Bryan Dumesnil (AA), Damian Moss (AAA), Royce Ring (AAA), Carlos Rivas (Hi A), Jonathon Rouwenhorst (AAA), Carlos Sencion (AA)
C: Jason Phillips (AAA), Ray Serrano (AAA)
1B: Scott Thorman (AAA)
3B: Enrique Cruz (AAA), Wes Timmons (AAA)
SS: Javier Guzman (AA)

No one to really shed a tear over here. It is strange seeing Thorman up there, as there were some high hopes for him just a couple of years ago. I still wish him luck if he can go somewhere else and get back to the majors and find some degree of Wes Helmsian success.

The real question is, how many of these guys will be signed by the Royals. I think the over/under is five.

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