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New Braves Rumors from D-Fab

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From D-Fab's latest blog, here are some winter meeting's rumbings about the Atlanta Braves:

  • Like others, D-Fab is hearing that A.J. Burnett might make his decision this week, presumably before C.C. Sabathia signs
  • He still thinks it will take a guaranteed five-year deal to get him
  • He is also hearing that the Braves might be interested in Rick Ankiel, though he thinks it will take more to get him than it would Ryan Ludwick
  • The Braves continue to express interest in free agent outfielder Raul Ibanez, though he may be getting too expensive for too many years than the Braves want
  • He is hearing Brewers shortstop J.J. Hardy being connected with the Braves
  • Which leads him to think that we are still talking to other teams about trading Yunel Escobar
  • He's heard nothing about the Braves revisiting the talks for ace Jake Peavy

[Updates: 12/8/08 @ 10pm]

  • Both John Smoltz and the Braves are thinking starting rotation over bullpen for Smoltz, if he continues his progress

  • Peter Moylan is doing well and should be ready to pitch for the Braves either when spring training ends or shortly thereafter

  • Rafael Soriano’s status, they won’t know much about until at least January, as far as whether he’ll be ready to pitch at the start of spring

  • Mike Gonzalez will go to spring training as the closer. D-Fab got a clarification on that from Bobby Cox

  • Cox said that both Martin Prado and Kelly Johnson have been targeted by several teams seeking them in trades
  • D-Fab doesn't think the Braves have that much interest in either Corey Hart or Jeremy Hermida
  • He spoke with a Cardinals beat writer who thinks the Cards are more likely to trade Ankiel or Ludwick for a relief pitcher