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More Braves Spring Training Pictures

These pictures come courtesy of Chip Jett, known as secondbass here on the site. He was down here at spring training with his family on the minor league fields as well as at some major league games.

I've been at Disney and Universal the past two days screaming like a little girl on all the scary rides. I screamed the most at the ticket gate; wow is Disney getting expensive -- $71 for a one day ticket - that may be the last time I go until they build the Harry Potter theme park.

I also stayed up until the wee hours last night to drive out to the coast to see the Space Shuttle launch (at 2:28 a.m.). It was my first time actually seeing a launch though I have tried several other times only to have them scrubbed. This launch actually stayed on schedule for weeks and launched exactly when it was supposed to.

We didn't get too close because we were delayed on the toll road due to untimely construction delays and three different toll stops (three, really). The whole experience of seeing a launch is a lot like a Disney ride - there are a lot of lines and the ride is really short. We didn't realize it at the time, but there was very low cloud cover, so the shuttle disappeared behind the clouds a few seconds after launch. Still, it was pretty cool.

Getting back to baseball, here are some select pictures from spring training (click the "Read More" link to see them all).

Smoltz on the back fields doing his own thing.

T-Flow watching the major league game from the dugout.

Lillibridge, Sammons, and Flowers watching the game.

Jordan Schafer at batting practice.

Jason Heyward during outfield drills.

Hudson during his most recent spring start.

Just throw the ball, Meat.

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