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Talking Chop Headquarters Avoids Destruction, For Now

I was in bed early last night visiting my cousins on the way back from Spring Training, when I was awakened by a friend of mine calling to see if my loft building in Atlanta was the Cotton Mill Lofts -- he couldn't remember. I told him it wasn't and he responded with, "good, because that building just got hit by a tornado." I about lost my shit when he continued telling me that the CNN center and Georgia Dome were hit as well. I live about two blocks from the Dome and so I set about calling all my neighbors to see what the situation was.

Luckily, my building was spared by the storm, but just barely. I made it home this afternoon to find the power still out, and likely out until Monday, so here I sit at my parent's house in Marietta. As a fellow downtown Atlanta resident, my thoughts go out to everyone impacted by the storms that struck last night. I haven't heard if The Ted was damaged or not, but driving by it today there didn't look to be any debris around the stadium (though it is on the edge of Cabbage Town, which got hit really hard).

In more pleasant news, here is a Braves season preview to the music of Radiohead from AOL Fanhouse (wow, they're starting to do some pretty creative stuff over there):

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