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The Interviews are Coming, The Interviews are Coming

Your friendly neighborhood blogger was working tirelessly down in Florida the past couple of weeks trying to snag all the interviews he could. He/I was moderately successful - about as good as last year - getting many of the big names, both Atlanta Braves and Braves prospects.

I'll be posting them beginning with a John Smoltz interview hopefully tomorrow. After that I'll be posting the other interviews every other day or so. In the past I've committed to a schedule only not to live up to it, so this year I'm not putting myself on a timeline, but I will try to get them out in a timely manner. They will be released in the following order:

John Smoltz
Brent Lillibridge
Brandon Jones
Mark Teixeira
Blaine Boyer
Brian McCann
Jeff Francoeur
Peter Moylan
Mark Kotsay
Chipper Jones
Charlie Morton
Jason Heyward
Gorkys Hernandez
Jordan Schafer
Eric Campbell
Jeff Locke

Those of you who have seen my interviews before know that I have a standard battery of questions which I ask each player. After a few interviews you'll figure out the usual questions. This may seem a bit repetitive, but I enjoy seeing how different players answer the same questions. It's interesting to see the differences or similarities of opinions on the same team.

I'm starting with Smoltz and Lilli as they are pretty good interviews. Some of them are a bit short, including McCann and Kotsay, but others are pretty long. Boyer, Chipper, Morton, and Locke are all talkers, so those are going to be some long interviews, and they should be really enjoyable.

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