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Dan Patrick Imitates Me by Interviewing John Smoltz

From friend of the site, RehabReject, over at his blog tbaatil, comes a link to an interview that John Smoltz did yesterday morning on the Dan Patrick radio show. Clearly, Patrick is simply interviewing the same people I interview.

Really though, it's a good interview -- a lot of good natured jabs being thrown by both Patrick and Smoltz, and well worth the listen.


In baseball blog pledge drive related news, Baseball Musings is having its annual "help fund the stats" pledge drive. Yours truly made a donation in honor of Mike Hampton's health. Actually, it was more like a sacrifice to the Gods in the hopes that all our supernatural bases are covered so that we don't get blamed when/if Hampton goes down with an injury. If you have some extra cash on hand (and who doesn't, right?) head on over to Baseball Musings so he can continue to fund the Day by Day Database -- an extremely useful tool for us stat-heads.


While I was browsing around YouTube the other day I came across the following video blog of some guy I met down in spring training. He was hanging around the minor league fields getting autographs while I was getting interviews. We struck up some good conversation and he’s an extremely knowledgeable Braves and baseball fan who knew just about half of all the minor league players (recognized their face and knew their name). The video is long, over eight minutes, but it might hold some interest. If nothing else, you can see how us super-fans really get up for spring training.

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