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Chopping Around the Choposphere

Our good friend Velcro -- who will hopefully come back to us soon -- found some charity wine labels out there on the internets. The Red Sox apparently did this last year and now it's spreading. This year the following Braves will be prominently displayed on their own wine bottles (which will be sold for charity):

Brian McCann: "McCann Merlot" (Rally Foundation)
Chipper Jones: "Chipper Chardonnay" (The Miracle League)
Tom Glavine: "Cabernet Glavingon" (CURE Childhood Cancer)

Here are the labels:

It's for a good cause, you get a collectable of one of your favorite players, and you get drunk all at the same time -- that's win-win-win. They are currently in the pre-order phase on their website.


A relatively new Braves blog, aptly titled Braves, has a Foxworthesque post up titled You Might be a Braves Fan if...

It's a good trip down nostalgia lane. Here are several of my favorites:

The words "Tom Glavine is now a Met" make you cry.

You argue to death with any true baseball fan about how many more WS championships the Braves would've had if they had won 14 consecutive divisional titles during say...the '80's... or '70's... or really anytime prior to the ridiculous playoff system we have now where second place teams have an equal shot at World Series rings.

The words "Tom Glavine is now a Brave...again" make you cry.

You're convinced that back to back MVP seasons, 7 All Star appearances, 5 Gold Gloves, 740 consecutive games (11th longest in MLB history), 4 Silver Slugger awards, a Roberto Clemente Award, Lou Gehrig Award, 398 HR's, 1266 RBI's, has got to be good enough for the Hall of Fame. But it doesn't matter you don't get to vote.

You think Kent Hrbek is a criminal.


The blog Corkscrew Swings "laments" that the last corkscrew swinger, Scott Thorman, may be on the way out. He runs down the list of every team in baseball and sees what chance, if any, Thorman has of being traded there. That's the most thought anyone, especially any blogger, has given Scott Thorman in a long time. Still, it's nice work.

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