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Fun time, spring training is. Every once in a while something or someone appears in a box score that makes you go, what!? Such a thing happened while I was checking the box score this evening in between watching the Queen behind the scenes. I saw that we lost to the Mets and I was trying to hide my disappointment that someone who might make the team gave up the game to the Mets.

Much to my surprise it was not a regular, not even close. It was a pitcher by the name of Jonathon Rouwenhorst - that is a mouthful. I looked him up on The Cube, and realized, oh, he's a left-hander. He's spent his entire 7-year minor league career in the Angels organization, the last two and a half of them at triple-A.

For every road game the team takes one "lucky" minor league pitcher with them just in case they need an emergency pitcher or someone to throw if the game goes into extra innings - which is what happened today. I just love finding players like this.

I thought it'd be fun to do a Google search of his name and after doing so I came across this site that apparently offers up "forums" on all sorts of "hot-button" topics. These topics include Fan Club, Fan Blog, Girlfriend Forum, Links, Pics, and Sucks Forum. I laughed and laughed and laughed. They apparently generate these sites for every player, big or small. I especially like the Sucks Forum (catchy name) and the Girlfriend forum, which had the only post that read: "Jonathon is married with two sons!" Yes, they used an exclamation point, and spelled Jonathon correctly. I wonder if it was someone in his family. I felt tempted to make a post on the "Sucks Forum" but then I thought that one of Jonathan's two sons might read it and get upset - wow, that guilt post really worked!

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