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Spring Interview with Braves First Baseman Mark Teixeira

I caught up with Mark Teixeira in the Braves clubhouse just before batting practice. He is a pretty intense person and while he may come off as a bit short below, that’s just how he it -- succinct and to the point. He also seems like a really nice guy and he was gracious enough to take time before he had to go out for BP to talk with me.


Martin Gandy:  How did you spend your off-season? 

Mark Teixeira:  Working out, hitting, running, doing all the thing to get me ready for the season.

MG:  Do you work on any particular part of your game?

MT:  No I’m just working on getting everything better, everything tuned up and ready for the season.

MG:  How would you assess your 2007 season?

MT:  Successful -- I wish we would have made the playoffs, but it’s a good learning experience for this year and it makes us hungrier.

MG:  How was it being back in Atlanta, I know you went to school here at Tech?

MT:  It’s great, you know, I’m seeing a lot of friends and family that I don’t get to see a lot, and being back in a city that I know and with a team that has a chance to win.

MG:  Making any long term plans in Atlanta?

MT:  No, no long term plans anywhere right now.

MG:  That was a good dodge. Describe yourself as a hitter?

MT:  O, I let other people describe me as a hitter -- you can ask someone else that question.

MG:  Are you big on video of yourself to help you work on your swing?

MT:  Yeah, there’s always ways to improve, and I think that watching video and getting scouting reports are always good -- they are always successful ways to make you a better hitter.

MG:  What are you looking at when you watch video?

MT:  Just positive reinforcement.

MG:  Last questions, what is your favorite baseball interview cliché that you like to say?

MT:  Um, "taking it one game at a time."

MG:  How often do you use that?

MT:  It’s true, it’s a cliché but it’s true, and especially in baseball, that’s the only way to do it. If you’re worried about 162 games in April it’s going to be a long season for you.

MG:  Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

MT:  All right, no problem.

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