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A Pat on the Back and Two Atta-Boys

On a bit of a personal site note, I'd like to point out that rather quietly sometime last weekend Talking Chop went over the one million page view mark (as counted since September 2005). A big hearty Thank You to everyone who posts regularly, checks in daily, or just passes by occasionally. Special thanks to everyone who links to my site or links to my posts. I'm not really a site stat whore, but I do check to see who is coming and going every so often.  

Over at Baseball Prospectus, Will Carroll goes in-depth on the health of the Atlanta Braves with his continuing series of Team Health Reports. If you are a premium subscriber you'll notice that he had a little help from yours truly in compiling this report.

And finally, as part of the ESPN Page 2 Instant Spring Training Analysis they had this to say about little Mikey Hampstring's performance the other day:

Hampton is back and this clearly moves the Braves to the top of the NL East. In a two-inning scoreless stint against Houston, Hampton unveiled a new looping curveball and now gives the Braves a nice 1-2-3 punch with John Smoltz and Tom Glavine. Watch out, Mets!

Wow! That is good news. I believe every word you say ESPN! But will this guy believe that Hampton is back?

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