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Braves Making the Team Meter - The Hitters, Week 2

Week two of the MTM Hitters Edition with lots of battles going on. For the purposes of the hitters we are going to assume that the following players have made the team, and barring injury, will break camp with the big club: Brian McCann, Mark Teixeira, Kelly Johnson, Chipper Jones, Yunel Escobar, Mark Kotsay, Jeff Francoeur, and Matt Diaz.

As always the below summations reflect an optimistic look at each player's chances of making the team. I have added Diory Hernandez to this list as he battles for that utility infield spot.

Player, Position Chance Notes
Josh Anderson, OF
He's hitting well so far this spring, and the general consensus seems to be moving towards an outfield backup who can play center, and Anderson fits the bill. Cox called him an "interesting kid."
Gregor Blanco, OF
He doesn't seem to be getting the same playing time that Anderson and others are getting, but he's still got some fans on the team and on the coaching staff.
Omar Infante, INF
It now seems certain that he will start the year on the disabled list because of his broken left hand, which is still in a cast.
Martin Prado, INF
He's getting the most at-bats of any Braves batter, but until the last couple of games he hadn't done much with them. Things seem to be leaning Lillibridge's way as the backup infielder.
Brandon Jones, LF
He leads the team this spring in walks and strikeouts -- don't tell me he's becoming a three-true-outcomes type player. His defense has been a bit lax as well.
Scott Thorman, 1B
Nothing special here, and no change from the free swinger of old. He's taking up a valuable bench spot, and I've gotta believe the Braves will try and move him at the end of spring.
Clint Sammons, C
He seems to be a little further down on the depth chart than we thought.
Brayan Pena, C/1B
He's been playing catcher really well, having caught two baserunners in three attempts, but could that just be upping his trade value?
Brent Lillibridge, SS
He seems to be the frontrunner to replace the injured Infante to open the season. He's been getting some looks at third base.
Jordan Schafer, OF
He's AWESOME! See you in August, Jordan.
Joe Borchard, OF
He's showing an ability to drive in runs and may be helping his cause as a possible bench bat with power -- something the Braves currently need.
Tyler Flowers, C/1B
It's only four at-bats, but he's been impressive -- he's got mad power. It's a nice audition for the youngster, and it should be reassuring to Braves fans to know that even after trading away Salty last year we still have good depth at catcher.
Javy Lopez, C
He's flexed his power muscle, but his defense is still a bit shakey.
Corky Miller, C
He's getting fewer at-bats than he did last spring.
J.C. Boscan, C
Have glove, will catch.
Javier Guzman, IF
This NRI has flashed some good leather on the field, but he has not been impressive at the plate.
Diory Hernandez, IF
With Infante on the shelf, he could work his way into the backup infield picture -- he's hitting pretty good so far.
Arrow Key:
= Chance of making the team is even.
= Chance of making the team is going down.
= Chance of making the team is going up.

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