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Almost a Spring No-No

Yes, it was an inconsequential game during spring training, but the Braves came within one out of no-hitting the Cleveland Indians in what can only be described as lopsided tribal warfare. With two outs and two on (via walks), Braves non-roster pitcher Colter Bean allowed a single off the right-field wall to non-roster infielder David Sandoval. That ended the combined no-hit bid and the combined shutout bid.

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I actually enjoyed David O'Brien's play by play of the game on his blog. I've done stuff like that in the past without much fanfare, but I think I'll do some live blogging next Tuesday and Wednesday night when I'm at the games in the press box.

Jair Jurrjens started the game with three perfect innings, and he was apparently en fuego. Here are some good quotes O'Brien got from him in the locker room after the start:

"I was working just to get ahead of every hitter, trying to throw first-pitch strikes and pitch for contact.

"I'm trying to throw the least [number of] pitches I can now. Because even though it's only three innings now, during the season it's going to be more and I want to try to go deeper in games to help the bullpen."

Not only does he know what he's supposed to do, he actually goes out there and executes it (even though this is really just practice). It's great to see a young pitcher with that kind of attitude and ability. I may have to reverse my earlier thought that Jurrjens needed more time in the minors.

As for the Braves hitters during this game, Teixeira mashed his first homerun of the spring while collecting two hits and (here's that name again) Joe Borchard crushed his fourth double of the spring to drive in two more runs. Borchard now has seven RBI on four hits, all doubles.

I know it's only a spring exhibition game, but it's kind of fun to get excited about these kinds of performances. Now watch us get no-hit tomorrow.... but it won't matter, right?

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