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Live Blogging from the Bleachers: Tigers at Braves

Since I'm down here at Disney and I'm going to be at the game anyway, we're going to try and live blog the game. I should be able to gain access to the internets from the press box WAP, though I will be in the stands for this game. Yes, I was a bit inspired by DOB's daily blog updates of the games he's at, so just know that I am blatantly imitating.

The pitching match-up is Mike Hampton verses Kenny Rogers, so we'll be on injury watch for at least the first three innings.

I'll be at the game with a friend of mine, known as "crosby" on the site, so you may see updates posted by him from time to time. Check the comments for the updates and feel free to join in.

Update [2008-3-7 17:58:16 by gondeee]:

I had a good time live blogging the game today, despite the Hampton groin pull (I can’t believe he’s injured; I totally didn’t see that coming).

Chipper looked good at the plate, but he looked pretty bad in the field. Besides the error he bobbled a couple of balls – perhaps some extra work is needed there Lar’.

Javy Lopez finally had a hit in his last at-bat, but his previous three at-bats were kind of pitiful. He’s flailing at pitches like a young Javy Lopez, but maybe he just needs more at-bats to get his confidence at the plate back.

Escobar continued his torrid hitting this spring and made some good plays in the field. The error he made was on an easy throw to first that he had plenty of time on. I’m guessing someone will give him a good talking to about keeping his concentration on those easy throws.

The Braves split their squad tomorrow, with half the team going on the road to face Cincinnati, and the other half staying at home to face Houston. I’ll be at the home game and I’ll be live blogging again, so check in if you’re sitting around the house on Saturday.

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