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Open Thread and A Circumnavigation of the World

That's it! The Braves can't seem to drive anyone in, so I'm skipping town. I'm even going to leave the country. I'm even leaving the continent! Though there is frustration with the Braves, my exodus has nothing to do with them. My work situation is sending me on an all-expenses paid vacation work trip to Singapore, where we have a new office. The extra cool part about the trip is that on the way there I'll be flying via Newark (that's not the cool part) across Europe, several Middle Eastern war zones I'm sure, across India, and on to the island nation of Singapore. I'll be there until May 6th and will return via Shanghai, across the Pacific, and back to Atlanta -- that is a qualified circumnavigation of the world. You may call me Magellan if you'd like.


In my absence, Matt Foreman (yondaime4) will be holding down the fort. He's been doing a great job on the minor league updates and he'll get to run the show for a week and a half. He'll be assigning NAHWAL points and everything, so you will want to treat him well.

Depending on how much time I have I may check in and post from time to time, but my guess is that work will keep my busy most of the time, and any free time I have I'll want to spend wandering around town drinking Singapore Slings (which is one of my favorite drinks by the way, and I'll get to visit the birthplace of the beverage -- sort of like my own alcoholic pilgrimage).

Anyway, let's hope the Braves can get back to their winning ways while I'm gone.

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Burke Badenhop vs Chuck James

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