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Would You Trade Chipper Jones for Johan Santana?

Alright there are really only a couple of rules to this.

  1. Salary is not an issue - just pretend that we are the Yankees
  2. This obviously assumes that the Mets would be willing to trade Santana to us. I don't care if they would or wouldn't in real life. I want to know if you would trade the best hitter in baseball the last two years for the best pitcher in baseball the last 3 years.

And that is pretty much it. Heck if you wouldn't trade Chipper, who would you trade? What starter would you want if not Santana? You know who I would take over any starter in baseball? (and I would have said this before this season too) A healthy Roy Halladay. When he is healthy he is always a threat to throw a shutout.

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