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Game Thread and NAHWAL: The Original Baseball Teams

Ah we finally get out of the division to start a new month. Lets hope Bobby figures things out and we get things rolling. Remember, back round the turn of the century the Braves usually wouldn't get things straight until right until around June 1stish.

Anyways we get the so far phenomenal rookie Edinson Volquez. This guy wasn't even all that good in the minors up until this year and now he has some sort of epiphany. (What are they feeding pitchers in Cinci?) He has done it against three good offenses and two bad ones. Hmmm. The good thing for us is he throws fastballs and we have a bunch of fastball hitters so I think we will fair well.

Hudson almost worries me as much as Smoltz with his loss of velocity and control in a couple of games this year. Are they just hiccups or warning signs? I dunno, I just write here.

And finally here is our rotation as of right now:

  1. Tim Hudson
  2. Tom Glavine
  3. Jair Jurrjens
  4. Jo-Jo Reyes
  5. Jeff Bennett/Buddy Carlyle

Are you guys comfortable with that? Honestly I like that a little better than what we had last year. Bennett hasn't been bad as a starter, Reyes has been pitching very well at Richmond and his control is better, Jurrjens is our most reliable pitcher, Glavine is Glavine, and Hudson is and Ace when he is all there. I just hope the starters and the offense can hold out for another month while the bullpen tries to right itself.

Aside: I'll be working a double tomorrow so you guys cheer extra hard for me while I wonder about the game.

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