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The Unconfidence of the Mets

If you're a true Braves fan, then a big smile should cover your face in the wake of the four-game sweep of the Mets. Like a major earthquake there's a knowledge that this latest magnitude four-game sweep quake will have untold aftershocks. The Mets were already on uneasy ground and seemed to be crumbling from the inside, but now that the fires have broken out all over the team there may be no way to contain the carnage.

How long will Willie Randolph keep his job? There is apparently friction between ownership and the manager after some recent comments he made on the Mets TV channel; and he may be ultimately held responsible for the disarray the Mets clubhouse is in.


The Mets may simply be going through a bad spell in their season -- something every team seems to do at some point or another. The comments from Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog sum up the frustrations of Mets-nation:

…it had to be the Braves…of all the teams, in all of the leagueugh

And there's that big smile once again on the face of every Braves fan. There's something sinister and beautiful about contributing to the demise of the Mets.

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