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5/4 Minor League Update!

Louisville 4, Richmond 5 (11 inn.)

  • J. Anderson - 3-6 SB
  • D. Hernandez - 3-5 2 2B
  • S. Thorman - 1-5 HR (1), 2 RBI
  • P. Stockman - 2IP 0H 0R 1BB 1K

Francisley Bueno gave up all the runs in his 5.2 innings but the offense picked him up with some clutch hitting in extra innings. Diory Hernandez hit a double in the 11th, advanced to 3rd on a wild pitch and then scored on Josh Anderson's third hit of the day. This just in Diory Hernandez likes hitting in AAA.

Chattanooga 10, Mississippi 4

  • J. Guzman - 2-5
  • J. Perry - 1-3 HR (6), 3 RBI, 2 BB
  • G. Creek - 3-4 2B

Recently promoted Carlos Sencion was put on the DL today after leaving last nights game with a leg injury of some sort. He was replaced on the roster by J.C. Holt who was demoted from AAA. I am pretty sure that Jason Perry is leading all of our minor league teams in HRs after playing about half as many games. I'd have to look it up for confirmation, but I am sure enough that laziness is preventing me from doing it.

Myrtle Beach 10, Salem 6

  • T. Jones - 2-6
  • B. Hicks - 2-4 HR (5), 3 RBI, BB, K
  • E. Mejia - 2-4 2B, 3B, RBI, BB, K
  • P. Britton - 4-5 2 2B
  • C. Vines - 4IP 1H 0R 1BB 2K

It is time Chris Vines got some love this season. He has only allowed 1 run in 6 appearances this season spanning 17 innings. He has mostly been used as a secondary starter about every 4th day. I would expect him to get a shot at starting soon since Gonzalo Lopez hasn't been very good recently. He was never a big prospect mostly because he has been injured for most of his professional career (only 24 appearances in the past 2 seasons. Brandon Hicks is still hitting BTW.

Rome 1, Augusta 2

  • C. Rodgers - 7IP 7H 2R 0B 9K
  • J. Heyward  - 1-4 2B, K
  • J. Gilmore - 1-4 K

This is the second straight game that the Greenjackets beat Rome 2-1. The really sad part here is that Chad Rodgers pitched his best game by far this season. Only one of the runs he allowed was earned. This was also his longest outing of the season. He and Jeff Locke both seem to be getting stronger the more they pitch. This isn't really surprising since they are both northern pitchers and have less experience pitching. So with their first exposure to pro ball they learn more and more every time out.


Alright, I'll have the new hotlist and weekly recap tomorrow. I will probably be adding a Not list to go along with it per reader requests.

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