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Pads @ Braves Game Thread and NAHWAL

Do you guys realize we are 12-4 at home this season? Only the surprising St. Louis has as good a record at home so far. The downside is that we are 4-11 on the road but I'll bring that up again when we are actually on the road.

We are tossing Hudson up there tomorrow and he was very strong last start after getting off of that flu bug that has been going around. Obviously with Huddy having the season he has had I feel pretty good about the game in general. The amazing thing about Hudson is RH hitters only have 2 XBH against him this season in 72 ABs. Thats just amazing. (Other quirky stats include: No LH hitter has scored a run against Hudson and LH have more ABs against him at 88 vs. 72).

Randy Wolf will be throwing for the Pads and several of our guys have had good success against him in that past though outside of Chipper and Kotsay no one else really has a bunch of ABs against him. I would guess we'll see Diaz starting since he is 4-5 career off of him.

By the way, Chipper Jones is good.

2008 - Chipper Jones 29 115 23 49 6 0 10 29 14 10 0 0 .426 .481 .739

I was sorely disappointed in the fact we didn't get our 500 posts. I will assume some of the blame because I had to be out to the house tonight, but failure will not be tolerated again.

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