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Cowboys and Indians - sorta

Both teams have rookies throwing tonight with Reyes for the Braves and Hurley for the Rangers. Reyes has been showing some improvement of late with the ability to go deeper into games and work his way out of trouble. I have some faith in our future rotation now!

Eric Hurley has only made one start this season and he didn't pitch horrible, but it wasn't really all that good either. Remember the days when it was pretty much a death sentence for our offense whenever we faced a pitcher we had never seen before? I don't think we have quite the time we used to with newbs but I always get the chills whenever i see a name in the program I don't recognize.

Also in the first good injury news we have had in a while, Mike Gonzalez will come off the DL tonight after undergoing Tommy John surgery a little more than a year ago. I think this will be a big boost to the team but not right away. Ligament surgery is a hell of a thing (I have one replaced myself) and really does take a while to used to the feeling that you will aren't, in fact, still injured. He has been rehabbing successfully though so he could come out swinging. We shall see.

Chipper comes into the night batting right at .400. Someone on ESPN said they didn't expect him to finish the month hitting above .400 - at the time he was still hitting .419 but had just taken a ball in the face. So now I leave it up to you.


Will Chipper finish June batting higher than .400?

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