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Minor League Recaps: 6/19

Richmond 1, Syracuse 6

  • B. Lillibridge - 3-4 BB, 2 SB
  • J. Perry - 2-3 BB, K
  • D. Hernandez - 2-4 K

I swear every time someone bashes a prospect that prospect responds the next day with a good game. Goldstein ripped Lillibridge recently saying that his production was way down (true) and Lilli responds with a pretty good game for a guy of his caliber. Nothing else really special to report here. The Braves did trade Sal Fasano to the Indians today and he was immediately promoted. Big news.

Mississippi 3, Montgomery 6

  • V. Pope - 1-3 2B, BB
  • K. Kaaihue - 1-4 3 K
  • D. Heath - 5IP 3H 4R 5BB 1K

As secondbass reported, Deunte Heath was promoted and made his first start as Mississippi today. I don't hate Heat as some would think but his control needs to be reigned in pretty soon. You can't keep walking more men than you strike out and expect to do well, it will catch up to you sooner or later. Right Russ Ortiz?

Myrtle Beach 10, Salem 2

  • G. Hernandez - 2-4 2 RBI, BB, SB
  • E. Mejia - 2-5 2B
  • T. Flowers - 1-4 HR(7), 2 RBI, K
  • C. Rodriguez - 2-5 2B, 4 RBI, K

Kyle Cofield had a solid bounce-back start going 7 innings and only allowing 2 runs. Again Gorkys continues to do all the things that make up a good leadoff hitter. Anyone know how his defense is in CF? I'm sure he can cover some ground out there. Flowers stats on the home and road have actually evened out a little but he hits for a bit more power on the road (I guess that is a given) so his OPS is ove 100 points higher.

Savannah 5, Rome 4

  • C. Lee - 2-5 2B
  • J. Heyward - 1-4 2B, RBI, BB
  • F. Freeman - 2-5 RBI, K
  • C. Rodgers - 6IP 3H 2R 1BB 6K

A good game pitched by the slightly schizo Chad Rodgers. Freeman and Heyward continue to do their thing but, alas, the rest of the Rome Braves continued to do their thing, and thats losing.

Burlington 3, Danville 11

  • D. Berres - 2-4 HR(1), 3 RBI, K
  • S. Moody - 4-5 2B, 2 RBI
  • L. V. Ware - 3-5 3 RBI
  • S. Shults - 3-4 HR(1), 2 RBI, BB, K
  • S. Kent - 3.2IP 2H 2R 3BB 6K

Ok there is actually some interesting stuff in here that I can talk about. Moody is a college guy we drafted this year that will probably hit his was out of Danville soon (good college hitters should probably never start lower than A ball IMO). Shults is a guy you might remember from a couple of months back. He played a week or so for the Rome team and hit a couple homers but that is it. The two interesting guys here are L. V. Ware and Steve Kent. Ware was a stud high school OF that we got out of the 43rd Rd of the 2006 draft. I guess he was a draft and follow. I dunno. But he is a very raw, toolsy OF from the Atlanta area. Yeah that sounds familiar. Steve Kent is a LHP that we signed out of Australia a couple years back with a lot of fanfare. The kid is supposed to be very good but he is still only 19. He pitched pretty well last year at the GCL and could move up another level this year.

GCL Tigers 1, GCL Braves 7

  • B. Schlehuber - 2-3 RBI
  • D. Elorriaga-Matra - 2-3
  • C. Maddox - 3-3 3 2B, 4 RBI
  • D. Delgado - 4IP 2H 0R 1BB 6K

The really young guys got off to a good start tonight. There are some long names here I am going to try to and shorten. E-Matra is a catcher who had top 2 round talent in last years draft but fell to the Braves in the 26th. I don't know if people thought he wouldn't sign or he got hurt or just had a bad senior season but he was highly touted as a junior in high school. Maddox is an OF who played at Tennessee and will probably prove too good for the league soon. Delgado is the gem of this list. He is a lefty that struck out 86 batters in 59.1 innings in the DSL laster year vs. only 12 walks. That will do.

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