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The Atlanta Braves and the Trade Deadline

The latest hottest rumor has the Braves inquiring with Arizona and the availability of Conor Jackson. Contrary to that rumor Peter Gammons said tonight on Baseball Tonight that the Diamondbacks are "not going to trade Conor Jackson." That makes sense as Jackson is still the future at first base for the D-Backs, but just as we speculated earlier that Chad Tracy could replace Jackson at first in the event of a trade, Tracy could also be used as incentive in a deal to replace Tex at first for the Braves. Gammons said,

Chad Tracy plus Jarrod Parker, Arizona will think about it and think about it hard... I think the Braves will too.

As a Braves fan (which I am) that deal would be done and done. Jarrod Parker is pretty much a top one or two future starter and if the D-Backs are willing to deal that plus Tracey for two months of Tex then I'm sold -- that's a whole lot more and a whole lot faster than two draft picks. Yes, Chad Tracy is not the glam choice that some would like, but he's a better defender than Conor Jackson and he's a more flexible player and still a guy who could rattle off 25 homers in a year while maintaining good plate discipline. Tracy may not be the future first baseman some fans think we want in return, but remember we only want him to bridge the gap to Tyler Flowers and Freddie Freeman, so a year or two of Chad Tracey fills that void.

We also have to look at the quality of the one singular prospect we could get in return. If we can get a guy like Jarrod Parker, then I'm 100% sold, because the consensus is that he can be a 1 or 2. The comparisons of him are to Tim Lincecum and Scott Kazmir -- 'nuf said.

Buster Olney mentioned that the Indians' willingness to deal Casey Blake could hurt the Teixeira market -- Blake can play first, third, outfield and DH. We will have to watch what happens with him closely.

Six days until the trade deadline and all reports are that we won't see much movement until just before the 4pm eastern deadline on July 31st. Once Brian Fuentes and that first outfielder gets traded (whoever it is); that will set the wheels in motion big time, and teams will be scrambling for the next best thing.......... that's where the Braves can cash in. All indications are that they're laying the appropriate groundwork to be key players at the deadline.

Have I mentioned that I love this time of year? Is it me or is it more exciting that the Braves could be sellers rather than buyers? We've made some great trades the last few years, but I'm ready to reload and get some young talent and watch it grow. (Though, the way this season is going, that sentament could change tomorrow.)

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