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Minor League Recaps: 7/25

Lehigh Valley 8, Richmond 5

  • J. Anderson 4-5 2B, SB(25)
  • B. Canizares 1-5 2B, 2 RBI, K
  • C. James 6IP 6H 1R 2BB 2K

Does anyone here think we will see anymore of Chuck James in an Atlanta Braves uniform? I mean he has been pretty good for Richmond this year when he has started. Was he really hurt last year or is he just a AAAA pitcher? Only the 'pujols' (what is the plural form of Pujols anyways?) know the answer to that question.

Mississippi 7, Birmingham 4

  • T. Hanson 6.1IP 3H 0R 2BB 10K
  • M. Young 4-4 2 RBI, BB, SB(22)
  • J. Schafer 3-4 2 RBI, BB

Another game where Tommy Hanson was just straight dealing. In 104 innings this year he has only allowed 77 hits. That is pretty unreal. He has wallked a few more batter since he moved to AA but his last few starts have been remarkably steady (save for the game before his no hitter where he gave up 6 runs). Jordan Schafer must not like being mentioned poorly by Baseball America. Of course he was hitless in 8 straight games and has 6 hits in his last 3 though he still hasn't shown any real power.

Winston-Salem 0, Myrtle Beach 9

  • W. Cabrera 2-5 HR(11), 3 RBI
  • P. Britton 3-4 2 HR(5), 3 RBI
  • J. Bennett 1IP 0H 0R 0B 2K

You know Phili Britton was one of my sleeper picks coming into this season and he hasn't really been great for the most part, but he was definitely the last person I expected to hit two homers in this game. I mean his season OPS is almost the same as Eric Campbell's SLG. Thats not good. Brandon Hicks made his return to the lineup tonight. I think he was on the 7 Day DL but I haven't a clue why. He went 0-3.

Augusta 2, Rome 1

  • C. Miles 2-3 RBI, BB
  • J. Heyward 0-2 2 BB, K
  • E. Cordier 5.2IP 3H 1R 3BB 4K

It is good to see Eric Cordier pitching well. I've heard he has one of the best arms in the system when he is healthy and if he can bounce back we might have picked up a steal from the Royals when we got him.

Danville 1, Bluefield 2

So today was my dad's birthday. I didn't get him anything but I'm going home next week to get some of my things so I guess I'll take him to Lowes or something and let him get a new tool (he likes that sort of thing).

Tigers 8, Braves 9

  • R. Brooks 3-5 2 2B
  • C. Culver 3-4 2B, 3B, 3 RBI, BB
  • C. Parra 2-4 HR(3)

Teenagers play baseball. News at 11.

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