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Tex to L.A.(s) Gaining Steam

Here is some of the latest rumor mongering from Keith Law of ESPN:

The market for Mark Teixeira seems to be slowly heating up. The two L.A. clubs have shown the strongest interest, although Boston and Tampa Bay are waiting in the wings.

Arizona is a "highly unlikely" destination, according to one source. He's an ideal fit for the Angels, who are getting no production from their DH spot this year (except when Vlad Guerrero is in it, which means they get no production from right field).

The fit for the Dodgers is less obvious, since a trade would either include James Loney or push him to the bench. Teixeira has been as good or better in the second halves of every season he's played in the majors since his first season in 2003, and has a career second-half OPS of .943.

To the extent that a "second-half player" exists, Teixeira would be it. And there's no doubt that he'll command two draft picks -- probably a late first-round pick and a sandwich pick -- when he leaves as a free agent this offseason.

The Angels have long been a rumored destination, but the infinite obstacle seems to be, will the Angels part with the prospects needed to acquire Tex. The problem with trying to move Teixeira to the Angels is that they have the best record in baseball and they've been playing great since the break. It might be tough to convince the Angels to give up young talent and change the mix on a winning ballclub.

The good news is that other teams are making deals for bonus bats and arms. Every Xavier Nady or Casey Blake that gets moved to a contending team for qualtiy talent increases the chance that Teixeira will be moved for a good return. Keep in mind that when asking for a ransom in prospects in return for Tex the other team will also be getting two high draft picks next year, so that makes the expectation of what we would want in return higher.

If people around baseball thought the asking price for Nady and Bay was high, I wonder what the opening offer will be for Teixeira, espeically after the quantity and quality of prospects that was exchanged for Nady and Blake.

Sunday's game could make the choice an easy one. If the Braves lose, then we could be 8.5 games out of first -- that is clearly sell mode.

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