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Could Yankees get into the Teixeira Mix?

Richie Sexson has been predictably mediocre (if not bad) since signing with the Yankees in their effort to add to their offense, and now the official word is that Jorge Posada will have season ending shoulder surgery. The Yanks, in a three-way scrum with the Red Sox and Devil Rays for two playoff spots, may want to put some more pop in their lineup and fill the newly opened hole at DH/1B -- even after recently adding Xavier Nady to their lineup.

The Yankees may also want the opportunity to negotiate exclusively with Mark Teixeira during the early days of the off-season in an effort to keep the first baseman away from the Mets and Red Sox. Beat writer Mark Bowman also thinks that the Yankees could be a possible destination.

The issue with the Yankees could be the quality of prospects that are close to the majors who could be exchanged in any trade. At this point I would consider the Yankees a longshot, but if nothing else, putting them in the mix may drive up the price on the other interested parties.

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