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Could A Possible Manny Ramirez Trade Pique the Red Sox Interest In Mark Teixeira

I'll spare everyone the details of the latest Manny Ramirez saga in Boston, but the short and skinny is that he wants out and the the Red Sox wouldn't mind moving him. They apparently want some young talent in return and might be willing to part with him for less than some would think.

If the Red Sox can trade Manny (and certainly I'm not endorsing or even suggesting that the Braves should get him), then the question becomes, "do they try and acquire Mark Teixeira to replace Manny's production in their lineup?" With the possibility of the Yankees showing more interest in Teixeira, the rivalry between those two teams could prompt both of them to become bigger players in the Tex sweepstakes -- especially if they both develop a need -- and certainly the reality of no Jorge Posada for the Yanks and the possibility of no Manny Ramirez for the Red Sox is a need.

Kevin Youkilis, Boston's current first baseman, has played in the outfield before, so he could be moved out there while Teixeira plays first. A possible acquisition of Mark Teixeira on the heels of a Manny Ramirez trade would also provide insurance -- in the form of a middle of the order impact bat -- in case David Ortiz finds himself back on the disabled list.

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