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Tuesday Morning Bacon, Eggs, and Trades


The first course comes from our buddy Mark Bowman at

According to a National League source, Diamondback fans might not want to get too excited about the possibility of landing Mark Teixeira.   This source believes the Yankees, Rays and Angels are more likely to land the switch-hitting first baseman before Thursday's Trade Deadline.

The Diamondbacks still have the potential of providing a good fit for the Braves.  But as long as they're offering Chad Tracy, instead of Connor Jackson, Wren seems more apt to look elsewhere.

Second course is from Jon Heyman at

The Braves originally are believed to have sought James Loney from the Dodgers, Casey Kotchman from the Angels, Kevin Youkilis from the Red Sox or Conor Jackson from the Diamondbacks. None of those requests is believed to have been met, but Arizona had a good substitute for Jackson in Tracy. Even so, there's no evidence yet the teams are close to consummating a trade.

Here's a hearty helping of Ken Rosenthal from

Almost immediately after the Braves decided to trade Mark Teixeira on Monday, the Diamondbacks emerged as the apparent front-runner to land the switch-hitting first baseman.

At least two other clubs are in the mix for Teixeira, major-league sources say. But those teams might only be backups for the Braves if their talks with the Diamondbacks about a package built around first baseman Chad Tracy fail to progress.

The Dodgers and Rays are among the clubs that have shown interest in Teixeira, and both have young players who interest the Braves. But the Dodgers, set at first with James Loney for four more years, have little interest in Teixeira, who is a free agent at the end of the season. And the Rays, seeking long-term success, are less motivated than other clubs to acquire a rental player.

The Yankees and Red Sox are on the periphery of the Teixeira discussions, sources say. Boston is aggressively shopping left fielder Manny Ramirez, but a Ramirez-for-Teixeira exchange would make little sense for the Braves, who are essentially conceding their season.

The Angels, meanwhile, are reluctant to trade first baseman Casey Kotchman for Teixeira, and their chances of acquiring a hitter are "remote at best," according to a source with knowledge of the club's plans.

And to finish it all off, here's a taste of confusion from Jack Magruder (his name sounds like he should be a private detective or a district attorney) of the East Valley Tribune (Phoenix paper):

It appears Mark Teixeira and Manny Ramirez will not be Diamondbacks.

The D-Backs have been linked to both sluggers in recent published reports, but a major league source with knowledge of the situation said there is "no way" either will end up with the D-Backs before the July 31 nonwaiver trade deadline.

After the D-Backs inquired about Teixeira earlier this month, Atlanta came back with an offer that the D-Backs dismissed out of hand — Chad Tracy and minor league right-handers Max Scherzer and Jarrod Parker, according to two sources. Atlanta also brought up Conor Jackson.

The sides just don’t match up, the source said.

The only thing that could change the balance is if Atlanta comes way down in its demands, a source said, and would take a starter — Tracy — and a mid-level prospect. Atlanta risks getting nothing for Teixeira, since he will be a free agent after this season.

Tisk, tisk, little Phoenix reporter. The D'Backs will essentially be getting two draft picks along with Teixeira, so trading a young prospect like Parker and/or even a guy like Scherzer is acceptable because of the ability to restock your system next year. Frank Wren knows this and he's using it as part of the deal -- he'll play hardball with this trade, even though some people think it's a lean market. Heck, it was essentially two teams last year for Tex and the Rangers extracted five prospects.

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