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Ohman Could be Key in Teixeira Deal

The forgotten, but perhaps more sought after Braves player as we near the trading deadline, is left-handed reliever Will Ohman. Much like left-handed reliever Ron Mahay was the sweetener for the Rangers in last year's Mark Teixeira trade, Ohman could be this year's deal-sweetener. Many teams seem to be balking at the initial price for our power hitting switch-hitter, but with the addition of another key piece like a bullpen lefty, the prospect purse strings could loosen just a tad and allow for that third or fourth player to be added to the deal to make it meet with what Atlanta feels it needs in return.

Ohman has been one of the more valuable left-handed setup men in the National League this season. He ranks second with 55 appearances and third in holds with 13 among left-hander relievers. He is also among the leaders with a 2.84 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP. This is as good if not better in some areas than Ron Mahay was last season when the Braves acquired him from the Rangers.

We haven't been hearing too much about any sort of combined trade, but the inclusion of Ohman could be tempting to potential suitors. The Angels have only Darren Oliver as the lone lefty in their bullpen. Arizona might have the most need for the services of a lefty specialist as they currently don't have any left-handers in their pen, and the one left-hander they had -- before he went on the disabled list -- was the highly ineffective Doug Slaten.

If a deal is to be struck, especially with Arizona, then Will Ohman is likely to be a part of it, and could be the key to the Braves getting what they want in return.

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