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The Tim Hudson Injury Impact on a Mark Teixeira Trade

The doom and gloom of yesterday's news that Tim Hudson may have a serious elbow injury is apparently sending ripples through the discussions surrounding the Mark Teixeira trade, and any other possible trades that the Braves may be conducting in the next 48 hours. This development was recently noted by Buster Olney of ESPN:

As the Braves consider offers on a possible deal for first baseman Mark Teixeira, they're faced with the real possibility that the injury to Tim Hudson's pitching elbow is significant. According to sources, the early indications from teams in talks about Teixeira are that the Braves are asking for some form of pitching in return.

Certainly a prolonged injury to Tim Hudson would be a big blow to next year's chances at making a run at the post-season. We should have expected this news on the heels of the news that the Braves have eased their demands for a first baseman in return for Teixeira. The problem that seems to be building is that we're growing holes in our lineup with each passing day. That makes it a bit easier to trade for the best possible talent, but it also means that a rebuilding process could take more than just one off-season or one year.

We'll have to wait see what we get out of the next two days and who is still left standing in a Braves uniform.

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