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Who will be the Next Braves Player to get Traded?


We have officially concluded Teixeirapalooza, and now we get to hear all the beat writers and announcers trot out the phrase "Casey at the bat" nine million times. By the way, that phrase is henceforth officially banned from this website.

From, here's a look at the market for our next most likely to depart player, Will Ohman:

The Braves have had conversations with several teams, including the Marlins, Red Sox, Rays, Tigers and White Sox, regarding reliever Will Ohman. But the Braves aren't highly motivated to move the 30-year-old Ohman, who is making $1.6 million this season. He is also having the best season of his career, and is viewed as a late-inning left-handed option for the club in 2009.

Ohman can be obtained, but the Braves will get their price or else keep him.

I find it interesting that the Braves seem to be playing a tougher game of "the price is right" with Ohman than they did with Teixeira. Of course, with the way our lefty relievers have performed in years past, it's no wonder that the team wants to hold onto a good one. On the other hand, he could price himself out of the Braves plans much like Ron Mahay did last year. Keep in mind the team is already spending much more than it usually does on relievers with the salaries next year of Mike Gonzalez and Rafael Soriano; how much more are they willing to spend on a lefty setup guy?

Add the Phillies to the teams possibly interested in Ohman, since they've had lengthy discussions with the Royals about Mahay, but have not come to an agreement. They may begin to look elsewhere.

We may also see some non-contender deals. In this trade news wrap-up at Fox Sports, Ken Rosenthal says that the Orioles may be interested in Brent Lillibridge. Remember too that even though the proposed deal that would have sent Jason Bay to the Braves for four players was reported to be killed by Pirates ownership, and was then reported to have never been offered, could be rekindled (or "kindled," if in fact it was never offered in the first place). The modus operandi for trades between the Braves and Pirates seems to be that they take a long time to develop, so even if nothing happens in the next day, and even though some may no long consider us in the running for Bay, talks could still be ongoing and an off-season deal may be likely.

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