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Man versus Ligament

Add "doctor" to Tim Hudson's resume, because he seems to think he can "tough it out" and avoid Tommy John surgery.

Hudson was examined by different doctors Monday and Tuesday, who came to the same conclusion: Surgery is recommended, and the sooner the better. By having the procedure right away, Hudson might be able to pitch in the latter part of the 2009 season, the last year he's under contract with the Braves.

Look, I know it's a shock to be faced with that kind of career-altering surgery, but history has shown that it's not a choice, but a reality.

"I'm going to tough it out," Hudson said via a text message.

No, Tim, no you're not; the body doesn't work that way.

I really do feel for Timmy. You can see his anger in the comments he made; you can see his complete displeasure with this turn of events. The Braves don't need him to try and pitch again this season; 2008 is already a wash, but it would be nice to get him back at some point in 2009. He'll come around to the inevitable decision and then it will be official -- Tommy John surgery for our ace. We may want to get the CDC down to the Ted to see if that injury is contagious.

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