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Countdown to the Trade Deadline Open Thread

Here's a catch-all open thread for all the trade talk today. I'll also be posting updates and new stories as things break.

Here is an overnight note from Mark Bowman about our most likely move today -- a Will Ohman trade:

The Braves feel like they're in good position heading into Thursday's Trade Deadline. More than five teams have shown great interest in Will Ohman and it's believed the Rays, Yankees and Red Sox are among those bidding for his services.

Despite late-Wednesday reports to the contrary, meanwhile, it appears very much that the Cardinals are out of the bidding for Ohman.

With these three AL East teams involved, the Braves may receive a greater return for the left-handed reliever than they originally envisioned.

Hopefully we get a nice return on our setup lefty.

Personal Plug: I was recently interviewed for a story about fans reaction to the trade deadline on check it out.

Here's a poll that will likely be obsolete by 4pm today:

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