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Trade Talk Slowing Down?

The Phillies are one of the teams still said to be looking for relief help, but as Mark Bowman says, the Braves don't seem to be finding a match with anyone:

The Braves are still listening to multiple offers for Will Ohman.  But so far, they haven't been satisfied that the offered compensation is greater than the compensatory Draft pick they'd receive by losing him via the free agent market this winter. 

When they aggressively attack the free agent market this winter, the Braves will likely lose at least one selection for the 2009 First-Year Player  Draft.  If they continue their current struggles and earn one of the Draft's first 15 selections,  their signing of a Type A Free Agent would result in them keeping their first-round selection and losing their second-round selection.

With a dramatic turnaround that allows them to finish with one of the 15-best records in baseball,  signing a Type A free agent would result in them losing their first-round selection.

By losing Ohman (assuming Elias rates him a Type B free agent) to free agency, the Braves would gain a supplemental first-round pick.

Still over an hour left until the deadline...

UPDATE - 3:10pm:

Boston apparently balked at the price the Braves were asking for in return for Ohman:

They turned down one offer when the Atlanta Braves asked for a pitching prospect in return for 30-year-old lefthanded reliever Will Ohman. The prospect was not at the level of a Justin Masterson or Clay Buchholz, but nonetheless the Sox deemed it too much.

At least we're not settling for mediocre talent in return.

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