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Minor League Recaps: 7/8

Pawtucket 6, Richmond 7 (Game 1 - 7 Innings)

  • B. Canizares 2-4 2B,RBI
  • D. Hernandez 3-3 RBI
  • C. Loadenthal 3-3 2B, RBI

The Richmond team survived the onslaught of homers from the Boston farmclub by loading the bases in the bottom of the 7th inning and getting Scott Thorman home on a wild pitch. Rumor has it this was a carefully devised scheme from Richmond manager Dave Brundage. Either way Diory Hernandez has been stroking the ball again lately currently riding a 6 game hitting streak. Carl Loadenthal is hitting .316 after tonights performance but I'm going to go ahead and say that .300 might be his only skill. He has some speed sure, but he gets caught too much really to be effective. He does walk his share, but he's pretty much another Gregor Blanco/ Josh Anderson type.

Pawtucket 6, Braves 1

  • R. Gorecki 2-2 BB
  • B. Lawrence 6IP 4H 2R 3BB 2K

This is more like what I expect when the Braves and Red Sox play each other.

Mississippi 1, Jacksonville 0

  • J. Parr 6IP 2H 0R 2BB 5K

James Parr has just been getting better and better. He is 8-4 on the season and 6-1 in his last 10 starts. In his last 3 starts his line is thus: 18IP 3H 2R 10BB 16K. That is probably one of the better 3 game stretches in the minors this season (though the walks are odd). I'll still stick with my previous stance that Parr isn't going to be a major league starter, but he's going to get a shot at something.

Myrtle Beach - Off


Greensboro 3, Rome 5

  • F. Freeman 4-4 3B, 2 RBI
  • C. Johnson 2-3 BB
  • C. Miles 2-3 3B, RBI, BB
  • E. Cordier 2.2IP 2H 1R 2BB 2K

Freddie Freeman is trying to make sure we don't forget him. Oh we know, Freddie, we know. Cody Johnson is still hitting and is having a great July so far. Some interesting news here is that Eric Cordier, acquired last year from the Royals for Tony Pena, Jr., made his first start for the Braves outside of rookie ball. I guess he wasn't horrible and was most likely on a strict pitch count. Anyone see him throw tonight? How was he? Velocity? Control?

Bluefield 1, Danville 10

  • S. Moody 2-4 2B, 3B, 2 RBI, K
  • J. Gilmore 4-5 3 2B
  • R. Delgado 4IP 1H 0R 2BB 5K

This Moody kid has been raking the ball ever since we signed him. He is hitting .349 currently and has shown decent plate discipline and some doubles power. Jon Gilmore also doesn't want to be outshone from last year's draft class, but he needs to proves something at Rome  before the season is out if we are going to put any faith in him.

Braves 4, Phillies 5

  • C. Maddox 1-2 2B
  • R. Voelkel 2-2 2B, RBI, BB
  • D. Delgado 3IP 5H 3R 1BB 3K

Delgado is one of our hotshot young arms but he's been 'meh' in the past couple of games. Ryan Voelkel is a big first baseman from Washington. I don't think we drafter him from anywhere since he isn't listed in the last couple of years, but if you want to see him hit a home run here is a video link.

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