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Tim Hudson to have Tommy John Surgery

I just spoke with Tim Hudson in the Braves clubhouse who said that after he played catch today, he's decided to have Tommy John surgery. Hudson said he had some pain during his session, which pretty much convinced him to have the procedure. The team is trying to get him scheduled to meet with Dr. James Andrews next Friday.

He said that he "needed to throw one more time, and let me know that [Tommy John] is what needs to be done." He said he threw from 70 or 80 feet today and "tried to let some go, but it wasn't good."

When asked, he said that he's talked to some of the guys like Peter Moylan and Mike Gonzalez who have had the surgery done recently, and they've filled him in on what to expect. He knows that it will be a "long road back." He continued saying, "it's gonna suck, but I gotta have a lot of patience. Once I put my mind to something I get determined... and it's going to be something I work hard towards."

He said that his "goal is to be back next year, however long it takes me to get back, and be strong and be better than I was."

Hudson seemed like a guy who hasn't yet completely come to grips with this yet. He said that he's "never had any arm problems, I've never missed one game in professional baseball because of arm trouble. This is the first time I've ever had to deal with any kind of arm issues."

He added some more thoughts, "this is definitely unexpected to say the least. This is all new to me, but I know that it's stuff that has to be done and I've got the best guys in the world doing it. I'm confident that everything is oging to come out better than before."

I think every Braves fan is upset by this news, but we all wish Tim the best of luck through the surgery and during the road back to pitching.

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