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Should Tom Glavine Pitch for the Braves Next Year

While Tom Glavine will need to undergo surgery to repair his elbow tendon, he will not have to undergo Tommy John surgery:

Tom Glavine got the news he was looking for Wednesday from Dr. James Andrews. He needs surgery to repair the partially torn flexor tendon in his elbow, but he does not need ligament transplant surgery.

That means with a four-to-five month rehabilitation, Glavine will have a chance to return next season, if he decides he wants to and if the Braves are open to the idea.

So the talk around the clubhouse is apparently centered around the desire to have Glavine back in a Braves uniform and in the starting rotation next year. This is what Cox said about a possible return in 2009:

"We'll see what happens afterward," manager Bobby Cox said Wednesday. "I hope so. Before he got hurt he was pitching lights out."

Slow down there Coxer... "lights out?" I'm not usually one to disagree with Bobby Cox, but there's no way Glavine was pitching lights out. Heck, I don't even think he was pitching that "good." In 12 starts before he went on the disabled list Glavine had only 5 quality starts. Combine that with some of the best run support on the team, at 5.25 runs per game and a 4.84 ERA before his injury and that absolutely does not equal lights out, or even good, or even league average (4.27 ERA), that's pretty bad. Add to that the fact that he doesn't go deep into games and Tom Glavine likely had a negative impact on the team this year, and there's nothing to suggest that he'll be any more effective next year.

I enjoyed the Glavine/Braves reunion tour, but it's time to let go of last year's model.

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