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This Week's Schedule at Talking Chop: October 19-25

There may not be Braves baseball on the field, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing to talk about. We've been running several on-going off-season series -- reviewing the major league players' 2009 performance, ranking the Braves top prospects at each position, and holding a round table on the state of each position in the Braves organization -- and all of those continue this week.

We'll wrap up the infield this week and get started on the outfield:

Monday:  Season in Review:  3B Chipper Jones
Tuesday:  Braves Top-5 Minor League Third Basemen
Wednesday:  Third Basemen Round Table Post
Thursday:  Season in Review:  INF Omar Infante; Season in Review:  2B Kelly Johnson
Friday:  Season in Review:  LF Garret Anderson
Saturday:  Braves Top-5 Minor League Left Fielders
Sunday:  Left Fielder Round Table Post

Be sure and check in every day for new material.

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