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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence finds new life in the off-season

Even with a 6-game losing streak to end the season, the fans of the Atlanta Braves must believe this team will improve itself this off-season. The Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence -- measured every two weeks in the off-season -- began its journey this fall moving from its final season level of 64% up to 70%. The increase reflects the optimism that Braves fans have in their current core group of players, as well as the confidence that they have in the front office to acquire the pieces deemed necessary to compete next year.

Perhaps this is also a reflective ranking which seeks to encompass much of the good play that the team produced in the final three months of the season. Each of those last three months were winning months, which saw the Braves play 14 games over .500 -- their best stretch of play in perhaps the last three years.

We'll take this poll again in two weeks, and then every two weeks until the season starts.


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